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Jul 22, 2024

Hunger and food insecurity exist in every community in the US. Around 12.8 percent of US households experienced food insecurity in 2022.  That’s 17 million households experiencing food insecurity in a country that throws out more food than any other country in the world—120 billion pounds every year, equivalent to almost 40 percent of the […]

Jul 19, 2024

This photo essay is part of our series on Community Fridges. Photography by Emma Kazaryan. In February 2020, Thadeaus Umpster opened his first community fridge—right in front of the building where he lives in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. Since then, he’s helped many others find fridges and organize donations. He calls it an an anarchist network […]

Jul 19, 2024

When Yvonne Martinez shops for her weekly allotment of food from the Skyview Elementary and Middle School Pantry in Anaheim, California, her box isn’t filled with nearly expired canned goods. Instead, it’s brimming with in-season fruits and vegetables that were harvested less than 25 miles away.  The selection has not only introduced Martinez to new […]

Community Fridges 101

This article is part of our series on Community Fridges. So, you want to get... (more)

Emily Baron Cadloff
July 18, 2024


Prepare a Slice of Your Yard For a Pollinator Garden

Last winter’s annual count of eastern monarch butterflies was the second-lowest on record. Many of... (more)

Kristine Nemec
July 11, 2024
How Can We Mobilize New Farmers?

The following is an excerpt from A Call to Farms, by Jennifer Grayson, available now.... (more)

Jennifer Grayson
July 9, 2024
Meet the Modern Trout Farmer Using Gravity to His Advantange

Ty Walker stands thigh-deep in clear, swift-flowing spring water, tearing fistfuls of overgrown watercress and... (more)

Eric J. Wallace
July 8, 2024
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Urban Farms are a Lifeline for Food-Insecure Residents. Will New Jersey Finally...

This article is part of a partnership between The Jersey Bee and Next City exploring segregation in... (more)

Kimberly Izar & Simon Galperin, The Jersey Bee
July 16, 2024
Inside Florida’s Ban on Lab-Grown Meat

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis walked up to the podium displaying a “Save Our Beef” poster... (more)

Marlowe Starling, Sentient Media
July 12, 2024
On the Ground With the Farms Feeding Hospitals and Their Patients

In 2022, the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health drew a link between... (more)

Jennifer Cole
June 20, 2024
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What if Animals Had the Same Rights as Humans?

For most people, it can be hard to imagine a society framed around animal rights.... (more)

Lena Beck
November 8, 2023
Farm Groups Urge Legislators to Allow Changes to the Packers and Stockyards...

More than 100 farmer, rancher, consumer and labor organizations are pleading with the US House... (more)

Emily Baron Cadloff
June 17, 2023
Could New York Become the Mushroom State?

On the banks of the Hudson River in Troy, NY, there’s an unassuming forest-green building,... (more)

Sara Foss
January 30, 2023
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